SaverLife wants to give you $10 for every $20 saved per month for a

total of 6 months.

That's $60 FREE CASH just for saving money!

I never will discourage anyone from doing their own research - but I

did my own and this is definitely  not a scam. SaverLife originally started out as EARN - This company has helped people save nearly one million dollars

to date. The sign up process takes only a minute and your ready to go.


I smell easy free Cash on this deal - I just signed up today! Let's try this out together. I will post how it went for me at the bottom of the page and I hope to hear about your experiences too!

Here is what you need to do

Sign Up

Just enter your name, email address and answer a few short questions.

Link Your Bank Account

Securely connect the bank account you use to save by entering your online credentials.

Watch Your Savings Grow

Earn $10 for every month that you save at least $20 - up to $60 in rewards!

How does SaverLife work?

SaverLife is an online program that rewards you for consistently saving at least $20 each month. The program lasts for 6 months and you can earn a maximum of $60. You will have the opportunity to select a savings goal and set a personal monthly goal amount. The purpose of this goal is to challenge yourself to save more than $20. Although we hope you'll reach your personal goal every month, reaching your goal or saving more than $20 will not increase your rewards.​​

To be eligible for SaverLife:

-You must be at least 18 years old.

-You must have a valid email address.

-You must have a bank account in your own name at a bank or credit union based in the United States, and be enrolled in online banking with valid credentials.

How can I start earning rewards for saving?

You earn rewards by saving money in your own bank account. It’s that simple! You can make a deposit at a bank branch, manually transfer funds online, or enroll in direct deposit with your employer. We track how much you save and you’ll get rewards at the end of the program. For every month that you save at least $20, you'll earn a $10 reward. If you save at least $20 all six months of the program, you'll earn $60 in rewards. Even if you miss some months, you'll still earn $10 for each month that you saved $20. These rewards will be transferred directly into the bank account you linked via ACH transfer when you complete the exit survey and enter your account information.

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