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September 5, 2017

What Is a Class-Action Lawsuit?

In a class-action lawsuit, instead of one or two people suing, a class of people sue. When an attorney files a class action, they don't even know the names of more than a few of the plaintiffs.

A few minutes (Literally) of "work" today can turn into some very decent money in the bank tomorrow. 

I'm not talking about clipping coupons, searching for promo codes or adding 30 discount shopping Chrome Extensions at once just to realize there is a far easier way.


I'm talking about spending mere minutes submitting claims online from the comfort of home. The process is EASY, and could be quite a lucrative investment.


“This can make a significant impact on your bottom line,” said Scott Hardy, founder and CEO of Top Class Actions website. "But people just ignore it because they think it’s only going to be a couple bucks.”



Enough chit chat, lets get you informed so you can go file your first claim and see how simple it really is!



1: Find a great site to file your claims

My top choices are:

(I file 90% of my claims here):


This is a great site too only a tad less easy to navigate:



2: Sign up!

3: Find, fill out and submit Your claims


The sites I've listed above will tell you upfront whether or not any proof, receipts or extra documentation will be needed to submit a claim. If I don't have something needed I move on to the next lawsuit in line.


Most class action lawsuits don't require proof!

I received a paper claim form in the mail and thought I'd take the whole 2 minutes to fill it out and mail it back. I figured maybe a $2.35 check might show up someday and forgot all about it. Then a few months later I got that check, only it was just short of $100!

Sure, some settlements checks will be less than $10, or even coupons for free products (I have only received checks so far) but there also are large settlements - Some settlements can even be thousands of dollars.

"If you’re consistently submitting claims for class actions, then you’re going to consistently get big checks every year,” said Hardy.

“The settlement administrators are dealing with tens of thousands, if not millions, of claims and 99% of people don’t submit any proof at all,” Hardy said. “So if you’re submitting any kind of proof attached to your claim, then you’re going to get a little extra special care and that’s going to help you.” So if you do have documents, it's best to include it. 

Besides receipts, credit or debit card statements can be proof.

"If you can look at your credit card or debit card transactions and find a charge at a place where you can buy that product and it fits that criteria, then a lot of times that can be submitted as proof," Hardy said.


Find Products You Purchased​

Take a look of our list to find open settlements for products you may have purchased. Find out what the estimated payout will be and if proof of purchase is needed. Figure out if it’s worth your time to follow through. Most no receipts needed can be a few minutes of your time.

Fill Out the Claim Form

Click through to the settlement claim form and fill out online. Simply provide the necessary info such as your name and address, products information you purchased, and then submit your claim.

Get your Check in the Mail

They will mail your check once to the address your provided once your claim has been approved. Most claims checks are mailed 1-2 months after the claims period closes. I recommend keeping a log of all the claims you've filed and following up to make sure you know when payday should be. If the settlements on this page aren't up to date then just head to the sites and see what is available.

It's that simple.


Last Updated November 8, 2017

KT Tape Athletic Products

Up to $45

No Proof Required

If you made any purchases of KT Tape (including KT Tape Original, KT Tape Pro, KT Tape ProX, KT Tape Gentle, KT Tape Pro Extreme, KT Tape Olympic, Limited Edition KT Tape, KT Recovery + Recovery Patch, KT Tape Flex, KT Tape Recovery + Ice/Heat, KT Tape Edema, KT Tape Grip, and KT Tape Clinical) in the United States during the period of time between October 30, 2011, and November 3, 2017, you could get up to 50% of the full retail price, which is as much as $45 based on the prices indicated.

Claim Form Deadline

May 16, 2018.


Electrolux Dryer Class Action Settlement

Electrolux Home Products Inc. has agreed to settle a class action lawsuit alleging some of its dryers contain defects that can cause them to catch fire due to lint buildup.

Potential Award

  • A Cash rebate or online voucher code worth up to $350 off the purchase of a new Frigidaire or Electrolux brand home appliance or product; and/or

  • A free dryer cleaning service for eligible dryers; and/or

  • Up to $1,300 for out-of-pocket expenses due to a fire in a dryer.

Claim Form Deadline

12/15/2014 - Claim filing deadline for dryer cleaning service, reimbursement of past dryer fires, new appliance rebate or new products.

12/31/22 - Claim filing deadline for reimbursement of future dryer fires

Align Probiotic Supplements

Up to $49.26

No Proof Required

If you purchased Align probiotic supplements in the U.S. for personal or household use between March 1, 2009, and June 6, 2016, and did not receive digestive health benefits, you can qualify for up to $49.26 in settlement cash with no proof of purchase required.

Claim Form Deadline

May 16, 2018.



Flushmate toilet flushing system Class Action Settlement

Flushmate toilet flushing system has agreed to pay $18 million to resolve multiple class action lawsuits accusing the company selling a defective product that causes toilets to explode.

Potential Award

Eligible claimants will receive reimbursement for out-of-pocket expenses related to:

  • installing a Flushmate repair kit, a replacement Flushmate pressure vessel, and/or a replacement toilet; and

  • direct property damage caused by a Flushmate System that leaked or burst.

Claim Form Deadline


Remington Arms Company LLC Class Action Settlement

Remington Arms Company LLC reached a class action settlement with class members who allege that several of its rifles have defective triggers, which have caused accidental discharges and even death. If you own a rifle made by Remington, you may be able to benefit from this class action settlement.

Potential Award
  • Class Members have three options:

  • 1. They may choose to have the trigger mechanism retrofitted with a new X-Mark Pro or another connectorless trigger mechanism.

  • 2. They may opt for a voucher code that is redeemable at Remington’s online store 

  • 3. They may also be given a refund if they already paid to have the trigger mechanism replaced with an X-Mark Pro.

  • In addition, all Class Members who file a claim will be sent a DVD instructing firearm owners on safe firearm handling practices

Claim Form Deadline


Abilify Open Lawsuit

This affects anyone who

took the antipsychotic

Abilify and developed a

compulsive gambling habit. 

People are suing Bristol-

Myers claiming that Abilify

caused them to develop

compulsive gambling habits

and that the drug company

owes them money as a result.

Potential Award
  • Money patients lost as result of their compulsive gambling

  • Patients loss of financial stability

  • Mental anguish

Claim Form Deadline

Fill out a form and a attorney may reach out to you to help determine whether you can sue Bristol-Myers to recover money you lost through gambling, as well as compensation for mental anguish.

Vital Nutrients Class

Action Settlement

A settlement has been reached in a class action lawsuit alleging RHG & Company d/b/a Vital Nutrients violated California law by selling products labeled as being “Made in USA” even though one or more components of the products were sourced from outside the United States.

If you purchased a Vital Nutrients product in the United States between Aug. 1, 2012 and Feb. 27, 2017, and the product was represented as being “Made in USA,” you may be entitled to a cash payment from the class action settlement.

Potential Award

$6 per product, up to a maximum of $150.

Claim Form Deadline


Aveeno Active Naturals

Class Action Settlement

Johnson & Johnson Consumer Companies Inc. has agreed to settle a class action lawsuit alleging it deceptively described its Aveeno Active Naturals products as “natural,” even though they include synthetic ingredients.

If you purchased certain Aveeno Active Naturals and/or Aveeno Baby products from May 7, 2007 and June 13, 2017, you may be entitled to compensation from the Aveeno class action settlement.

Potential Award

$2.50 per Covered Product purchased during the Class Period.

Claim Form Deadline


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